The BankNote Wallet

A BankNote Wallet is what you get when a wallet marries a notebook. This romance has chemistry.

The BankNote Wallet is a minimalist wallet paired with a notebook. The formula: small batches, high-quality Italian leather, and artisan leatherworkers in Queens NY. 

My BankNote from BankNote NYC is straight art. Smells like the inside of James Bond's briefcase.

- Robert Radford

Other Things to Know

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Our first Kickstarter can be found here.

Contact Info

You can contact us by text or email at anytime, we prefer to schedule phone conversations. 



Bjorn Talbot, (775) 722 0605



Reversion to Analog

Technology is advancing at an accelerated rate like never before, but everyone has mixed feelings about it. In these uncertain times people are turning to vintage and retro solutions. Vinyl records are back on the rise, typewriters are a common feature in the aspiring writer's bedroom, and film photography is more popular than digital amongst art students. 

Although most peoples' phones have a notepad application, many of us choose to carry pocket notebooks instead. The freedom and feel allowed by using pen & paper have yet to be replaced by the cold, unfeeling stylus and LED display. 

But why carry two things when you could carry one? 

I've taken a big interest in slimming down my everyday carry, EDC, as of late. 

- Christopher Cochico

Christopher, a backer from our first Kickstarter, is expressing a sentiment held by many in our community. The BankNote Wallet turned out to be the perfect solution for him.

Who is BankNote NYC

BankNote NYC is a brand-new Brooklyn based carry company founded by two longtime friends. We believe in quality American manufacturing, simplicity of design, and the intersection of aesthetic and functionality.